According to the, Google Chrome is currently the most popular browser on the planet.

The US search company’s web browser has easily surpassed competition from the likes of Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome offers users easy  access to the California-based company’s search functionality, as well as simple customisation options – and a plethora of hidden tricks and features.

1. Watch Movies On Your TV

Google Chrome is a solid media player. Drag and drop an image or video file into a new tab to start playback.

If you want to watch on a bigger screen, you can Cast your video to the big screen by heading to the Chrome Settings menu, then tapping Cast.

2. Hidden T-Rex Game

Google has programmed an addictive little game into one of the most annoying screens on Chrome.

Whenever Chrome warns you that it is “Unable To Connect To The Internet”, simply tap the spacebar to launch an endless running game.

Tap the spacebar again to make the sprinting dinosaur jump over the obstacles.

Google Chrome browser tips and tricksGOOGLE

Google Chrome has a hidden game when users are offline

3. Re-Open Tabs You’ve Accidentally Closed

Accidentally closed a Chrome tab that you were still using? No problem.

Simply head to File > Reopen Closed Tab to bring it right back.

4. Navigate Your Tabs Without A Mouse

Retire your mouse by holding down the Control key (or Command on macOS) and then tapping any number keys between 1 and 9.

Each of these numbers is associated with a different tab in your Chrome browser, with 1 starting all the way to the left.

5. Compose an Email from your Address Bar

Google Chrome really is a one-stop-shop kind of application.

Typing mailto: followed by the email address of your recipient into the address bar and hitting enter speeds up your email.

Chrome will launch your default mail client, with the recipient already filled-out.

6. Clear Your Browsing, Cookies and Cached data

Embarrassed by your recent Google Chrome acivtity?

Type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData into the address bar and hit enter.

You can then choose exactly what data to ditch, and save yourself from any embarrassment.

7. Go Incognito 

And if you want to avoid having to replicate the last tip, do your browsing in an Incognito tab.

This means Google will not save your web history or form data.

Load a new Incognito tab by heading to File > New Incognito Window.

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