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It’s Android’s time to shine!

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Tech Columnist STAN SCHROEDER published an article on the Mobile World Congress 2017

All the devices to expect at Mobile World Congress 2017

It’s Android’s time to shine.

In less than a week, Mobile World Congress (MWC), an annual event that brings together the phone and telecom industries, will kick off in Barcelona, and as is customary, a lot of new Android smartphones will make their debuts.


This year is a little different, though. After years of iterative upgrades, Apple’s iPhone — which, like it or not, is the smartphone that sets the trends in the industry — is widely rumored to receive a revolutionary upgrade. Its screen will get larger, reports say, covering the phone’s entire face. Buttons, including the iconic home button, may disappear altogether. The aluminum back cover might be replaced by glass.

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We’ll know for sure when MWC begins on Sunday, Feb. 26, but I so have some bad news right off the bat: There won’t be a new Samsung flagship in Barcelona this year. Likely due to the Galaxy Note7 fiasco, Samsung pushed back the launch date for its new phone, the Galaxy S8, which is rumored to be at least as revolutionary as the new iPhone. The company will have an event on Sunday, but it will probably only launch a tablet, likely the Galaxy Tab S3.

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LG G6, the wolf in sheep’s clothing

So who’s left? Quite a few players, in fact. The most interesting reveal will likely be the LG G6, which is rumored to have a large, 18:9 screen and dual 13-megapixel cameras on the back. While it doesn’t appear LG’s new flagship will be revolutionary, it does seem like a very nice phone and a welcome change from last year’s not-very-successful G5.

Additionally, LG is also expected to launch a smaller version of its flagship, dubbed the LG G6 Compact.

Huawei P10, the mysterious one

Huawei has had an amazing year. The Chinese company strengthened its position as the No. 3 smartphone maker, and in a year when its chief Android competitor, Samsung, struggled. Huawei has a problem, though: It sells a lot of phones, but mostly in China. It’s begun to scratch the surface of the U.S. market with its Honor brand, but it appears unable to produce an uber-sexy device that will match the attention Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy phones get.

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This year at MWC Huawei is poised to launch the P10, a continuation of its flagship P line of phones. The last couple of those (read my P9 review here) were all high-quality devices with great specs, but none were particularly exciting. Very few rumors have leaked about the P10; let’s hope Huawei has prepared something special this year.

Sony Xperia X2, the return to form

Sony has had the misfortune of launching solid device after solid device but never quite managing to sell them in large numbers. This year, the company is rumored to launch the successor to the Sony Xperia X, and it could be a much more interesting phone: reported features include a 23-megapixel rear camera and a buttonless face.

The company is also expected to launch several (possibly as many as four) other devices, with weaker specs.

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