Even with all of the emerging storytelling technology for small businesses, blogging remains an effective way to reach an audience with your marketing messages. It’s smart to experiment with your social channels and video options like Periscope, but great blog content is also really important. It will earn the respect of your potential base and turn some into loyal customers.

So what are some simple ideas to get your writing creativity flowing? Here are just a few:

Behind-the-scenes. Give readers a look at your small business culture by showing the packaging process, or the inside of your office, or anything that would not be obvious by visiting your storefront or website. This personalizes your small business and also provides a different perspective for your followers.

News briefs. You can either re-report news that is relevant to your industry (citing your sources, of course) or give your opinion on something that is being talked about in major media. You want to be careful not to alienate your customers if your opinion is not one that is widely shared – but expressing your true opinion could mean stronger loyalty from those who agree with you.

Basic explanations. What would the people visiting your site most like to learn? If you sell hair products, perhaps your customers want to know about dandruff prevention, or overall ways to keep their hair healthy. Blog posts that give information that may seem overly simple to you may actually draw in the exact consumer base you want. Think like your customers and then be their expert.

How-tos.  Where do people go when they need help building, fixing or creating something? Online, of course. Who has the time to check out actual books? Think about the type of things your consumer base may look up and then create posts that cater to those strengths.

Giveaways. Who doesn’t love something completely free? Giveaways are an easy way to bring in new people AND talk about your products or services. The bonus here is that the winner could become a loyal customer and share that love with his or her circles.

Personal stories. Why did you start your small business? What is the inspiration behind what you do? Is there a certain product or service that means something to you on a deep, personal level? Blog about it. Let people know how you are related to the items you sell, and they will be more likely to buy them.

Guest posts. If you struggle to find the time to write even basic blog posts, outsource some of that responsibility to other people who want to expand their own blogging influence. You can put a call out for guest bloggers through your social media channels, or just reach out to people you know who might be interested. The guest blogger gets the added credibility of being on your page, and you get the added content at no charge.

What blog content fares best with your audience?

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