This app makes adding multiple Instagram hashtags so much better.

Right now, deciding on and typing out more than one or two hashtags is a pain. There are handful of apps that try to make life easier for you with suggested hastags, but you’ve got to constantly switch back and forth to copy them from the app to Instagram.


That’s where Magnifiy comes in: it uses Android’s accessibility features to automatically copy text when you enter a specific keyword. (No iOS version, sorry Team Apple).

To TheNextWeb, just type in ‘magnify_travel’ or ‘magnifytravel ‘and hit the spacebar to enter up to 30 travel-related hashtags instantly. Compare that to having to switch to another app, finding the relevant category, copy, switch back to Instagram, and then paste.

There are 20 category presets (travel, fashion, food, selfie, cats, architecture,  etc.), or you can just make your own. You can add up to 30 tags per category.

multiple instagram hashtags

I also have to give kudos for the app’s design; there are nice touches, like not having to add a ‘#’ for hashtags, the UI features some smooth animations, and there a few bonus features like scheduling or resharing posts too.

I wish you could customize the keyword though, as I’d rather type in something shorter. It also does not actually magnify anything.

There are also a few differences between the Free and Pro ($4.49) versions, the latter of which can be accessed through an in-app purchase.

You’ll definitely want the Pro edition, as otherwise you can’t set custom tags, you can only access the top 7 hashtag presets, you’re limited to one scheduled post a day, and you can’t use the repost feature.

But those qualms aside, the best thing about Magnify is that after the initial set up process, you never have to open Magnify again unless you want to customize your hashtags. It lives in the background, and only does its job when you need it.

Any app that aims to just get out of the way is a good thing in my book. I expect social media managers will be quite happy with this one.


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