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this app helps you decide what to post on social media

What does your product do?
Post or Not provides you anonymous feedback on your photos and videos before you post them to popular social networking sites. You will never have to question again how your social media content is making you look and whether you should share it in the first place.

How did you come up with the idea?

In 2015, me and my wife visited LA and we noticed people taking pictures and asking each other which ones to post on Facebook and Instagram. At the same time I saw another girl struggling to decide what to post and so she kept taking more and more pictures. I quickly realized there was a problem getting the right recommendations at the right time. Not only were people wasting valuable memory space on their phone, they also became disheartened when their photos didn’t get as much response as they hoped for.

My wife takes a lot of photos too, so I asked her if she was interested in getting feedback on her pictures before posting them. She jumped up and said she would love to receive these kind of suggestions. After I returned home, I asked a couple dozen family members and friends as well who all seemed to like the idea so I went ahead to develop this as an app.

How will the app make money?

Brands spend a lot of money on advertising and I believe Post or Not will help them become more cost-effective. Brands will be able to place their products on the Post or Not app which will prompt users to click on them for suggestions helping brands decide which products to promote and what to recall from the market. The app itself however will remain free and will be monitored for activity by our moderators.

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