Apple is going all in when it comes to emoji in iOS 10.

Apple just released the fourth beta for the next iteration of iOS, tvOS, macOS and watchOS. In particular, there’s a groundbreaking addition in this release. The company has updated or redesigned over a hundred emoji.

Apple updated  over a hundred emoji

Apple has shared a few of them on its website, and there are many different changes. First, some existing emoji will receive more gender options. For instance, you’ll find new female athletes:


Some existing emoji have been redesigned. And, yes, the gun is gone. Apple replaced it with a cute water pistol:


Finally, a new flag is joining the flag family — this time, it isn’t a new country. It’s a beautiful rainbow flag:


n iOS 10, Apple is going all in when it comes to emoji. In the upcoming version of iOS that should be released this fall, the QuickType word suggestion bar will suggest an emoji based on the word you’re typing. In Messages, emoji will be three times bigger if you’re just sending an emoji. But my personal favorite is the emojify feature. If you switch to the emoji keyboard, iOS will highlight words so that you can tap on them to automagically replace them with emoji.

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