Apple Watch 2 review: 2016 release date, price, concept and rumors… Apple Watch 2 said to feature a thinner display

It’s only a matter of time before Apple debuts a second generation Apple Watch, and while it’s anyone’s guess when it might be announced, we know that the smartwatch is being worked on behind the scenes. Previous reports have pegged the next Apple Watch as featuring a nearly identical design with a larger battery, or being slightly thinner, but the latest information from the supply chain indicates there will be some changes to the display as well.

The second-generation of Apple watches are expected to be launched later this year and there is quite a buzz about the device on the internet.

Apple Watch 2 review- 2016 release date, price, concept and rumors

Apple Watch 2 review

The second-generation of Apple watches are expected to be launched later this year and there is quite a buzz about the device on the internet. Though nobody knows what the device would actually look like, several rumours and some scoops, have further increased the buzz around Apple Watch 2. As per a report, the new device is likely to have a thinner display based on OGS (One Glass Display) technology. The OGS decreases the thickness of the display by getting rid of one of the layers of glass from the touch screen stack. Digitimes quotes TPK Holding, which makes touch panels, to substantiate the claim.

Digitimes claims that Apple’s revenue in the second was badly affected as touch panel orders for iPhones decreased and the company itself moved to OGS for the second generation of Apple Watch. However, several other reports say the wearable may not be made thinner because of the OGS as company may use the space for including a larger battery. This may be done to provide more power to supprt the LTE cellular connectivity that Apple plans to integrate with the built-in GPS, reports Mashable.

Apple Watch 2 release date

Irrespective of whether the device would be thin or sport larger battery, it is certain that Apple Watch2 will have more functions, taking the smartwatch experience to a new level. Last month, Apple previewed the watch OS 3 which may come around the same time when Watch 2 will be launch ed. According to the company, the the free-to-update operating system features “significantly improved performance with the ability to launch favourite apps instantly, enhanced navigation like the new Dock and all-new fitness and health capabilities for Apple Watch. Available this fall, this software update introduces the breakthrough Breathe app, designed to encourage users to take a moment in their day to do deep breathing exercises for relaxation and stress reduction. The Activity app now includes the ability to share, compare and compete as well as enabling wheelchair users to close their Activity rings.” Read More:  (Tags: apple watch 2 release date 2016, apple watch 2 release date, apple watch 2 rumors, apple watch 2 concept, apple watch review, apple watch os 2)


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