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Best direct response advertising examples

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The best definition of Direct Response is advertising or marketing that encourages a direct action from a person.

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What is Direct Response Advertising and Marketing?

The best definition of Direct Response is advertising or marketing that encourages a direct action from a person.

Typically, you want someone to request additional information or make a purchase and you expect them to do it NOW!!
Bagwell Marketing has been handling direct response advertising since 1974. At Bagwell Marketing, we call it “Advertising That Makes The Phone Ring.” Diect Response Advertising makes the phone riingAlthough today it is much more.

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Now, we drive traffic to websites and directly to retail store locations, in addition to toll free phone numbers.

Direct Response Advertising is advertising that gets results.

Unlike “branding,” direct response is designed to create traffic — now! Most of the businesses that come to us need business today. They don’t have time to wait two or three years for their “image campaign” to kick in.

call bagwell marketing for direct response advertisingTurn on your television almost anytime of the day and you’ll see a TV commercial using direct response techniques. For $19.95 you can receive record albums, diet plans, products to clean your car … the list is endless!

But direct response can also be used to sell almost any item –some with large price tags.

Originally direct response advertising was based mostly on direct mail. But today almost any media can be considered direct response advertising.

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At Bagwell Marketing, we are your direct response source. Here are just a few of the direct response media that can drive traffic to your business.

Direct Mail Postcard for Daycare Center

Direct Mail

One of the first forms of Direct Response was direct mail. Today’s technology lets you target your best customers or prospects. Bagwell Marketing can offer a turn-key program including mailing list, design, printing and mail service.

radio advertising works

Radio, Television and Print Advertising

Marketers have discovered the power of direct response advertising for broadcast and printadvertising. Let Bagwell Marketing show you how to maximize traditional advertising for direct response.

Marriage Mail for 5 Star Rental Purchase

Free Standing Inserts – Marriage Mail

Need to reach a large area with your message?Shared Mail / Marriage Mail puts your message into targeted zip codes for less money than you would spend on regular postage.
You can also insert your printed piece in to newspapers.

Internet Marketing for Direct Response

Move Merchandise Fast With Direct Response Internet Marketing

You can drive traffic to a website from around the corner or around the world. Traditional advertising can send traffic to your website or you can drive traffic directly to your site with Search Engine Optimization. Learn More About Internet Marketing.

direct response with telemarketing

Telemarketing for Direct Response

Alert marketers have used telemarketing techniques for years to target their best customers and reach prospects with the most potential. We can help you execute a telemarketing program.

For more details on Direct Response Advertising , call us at 1-866-281-8830 or contact Bagwell Marketing. Read the full story:

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