You can now get Amazon’s Alexa to order your usual drink at Starbucks

Written by Kamil Arli

The Verge Columnist Amazon’s Alexa.

Over the last couple of years, Starbucks has been finding new ways to make it easier for customers to order their drinks with its mobile phone app. If you use Amazon’s Alexa, you can now place an order before you even leave the house.

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Amazon has added a new Skill to Alexa via its Echo device or FireTV stick: Starbucks Reorder. Once a user links their Starbucks account to their Amazon account, the Skill allows you to place an order for your Usual from one of the ten stores you last visited. It will also allow you to query Alexa for your Starbucks Card balance.

The skill is somewhat limited at the moment: you can only order a designated Usual drink by instructing Alexa to “tell Starbucks to start my usual order,” rather than ordering off the menu or changing up your routine. Some users noted that they would like to see some additional features, such as the ability to place an order so that it’s ready at a certain time, or to select a new location. The development team has responded to some of these reviews, noting that new updates will be coming that will expand its capabilities:

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We’re already working an update that will include the ability to switch to different ‘previous orders’ using just voice, which should give you a little more flexibility. Stay tuned!

Given the push that Amazon has made to integrate Alexa into a number of home appliances and cars, this seems like an ideal way for someone to get their routine coffee fix while they’re on their way to work.

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