Can you unlock your iPhone without a click?

Written by Kamil Arli

When Apple released iOS 10, the latest system software for the iPhone/iPad, it made a big deal out of the major features, like a redesigned Music app and contextual predictions in autocorrect.

But Apple’s engineer elves worked for a year to overhaul iOS 10, and they’ve planted lots of hidden gems. Today, I’m happy to present another of the best iOS 10 features that Apple forgot to mention.

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In iOS 10, you get an extra efficiency when it comes to waking up your phone: You can eliminate the requirement to click the Home button to advance to the Home screen.

Instead, you can just touch your finger to it. That wakes the phone and unlocks it in a single motion.

To find this feature, open Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Home Button. Turn on “Rest finger to open.”

That’s all there is to it. (You still have to click the Home button to wake the phone—but you can just leave your finger there to bypass the Lock screen.)

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