Okay, tell me if you’ve heard this story before. You’re wandering through the streets of your city playing some Pokémon Go. Suddenly, a wild pidgey appears. It’s got a CP of 10, or something, and you’ve already caught a million of them, but you think “screw it, I’ve got enough Pokéballs, and I could use the XP”.

So, you throw a ball. For whatever reason, it misses. So, you throw another. And another. And another.

To TheNextWeb, sounds familiar? Well, you should take comfort in knowing that it’snt your fault. Rather, it’s the product of an unfortunate bug introduced to Pokémon Go in the last update. It makes capturing even the weakest Pokémon, like Zubats and Weedles, almost impossible to catch.

Niantic has acknowledged this problem on the official Pokémon Go Twitter page, and is working on a fix. This can’t come soon enough.

In the meantime, you’d best stock up on Pokéballs.



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