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Crimson Days 2 is not happening, says Bungie

Written by Kamil Arli

Forbes is reporting that Destiny players were looking to Bungie’s weekly update for news about what’s next for their game.

Yesterday, as The Division players were drowning in updates about the game’s new Last Stand DLC and the game-changing 1.6 patch, Destiny players were looking to Bungie’s weekly update for news about what’s next for their game.

They…were less fortunate.

I’m kidding, a bit, because The Division came out within the last year and Destiny is now entering year three of its lifespan as a sequel looms on the horizon for (allegedly) this fall. But the fact remains that Bungie has revealed what’s going to be another content drought for the foreseeable future.


Crimson Days 2 is not happening, says Bungie. The event was the least substantive content drop of year two, with only a single new PvP mode and some new decorations and cosmetics, and apparently Bungie doesn’t think it’s worth bringing it back. I would agree, and I’m not sure how many players are mourning the loss of the event.

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Rather, Bungie says that the live team is still up to their old tricks, and still working on a spring content update instead, though the details and timing of that are still a mystery. The beginning of March is sort of the unofficial start of spring while the end of March is the official start. Spring also includes April and May, so no matter what, at minimum, it seems that new content for Destiny in any form is probably months away.


This will be an important update for the game because it’s entirely possible that it will be the last content made for the game if Destiny 2 sticks to its new schedule and is actually released this fall. I almost have to believe that it’s going to contain some sort of revamped version of the Vault of Glass (SIVA has infected the Vault!) as a way to send-off the first game for good. The Vault of Glass is arguably the most iconic piece of content Destiny has to offer, and letting players leap back into that raid with tweaks and high-light versions of its armor and weapons would probably be the perfect send off for the original game.

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Photo: Bungie

(Photo: Bungie)

However, all of this does serve as a reminder that Destiny fulfilling its promise as a constantly growing and evolving game hasn’t quite happened the way many had hoped. Yes, there if of course a core playerbase that constantly plays the game no matter what, most of them sticking around as PvP players during the downtime. But man, there’s been a lot of downtime. Only year one made Destiny feel like the type of game you’d never really stop playing with substantive content release after substantive content release, but years two and three? With only one big DLC per year and the rest of the time populated by easy-to-miss limited time events, it didn’t really feel like the scenario that was promised.

I don’t know if that will change. Frankly, I’ll be amazed if, A) Destiny 2 comes out this year, and B) it matches the size and scale of the first game, given all the demands placed on Bungie. And after that? I don’t think we’ll ever get to that Full Game > DLC > DLC > Expansion > DLC > DLC > Full Game schedule that originally seemed like the plan, a way to never stop adding meaningful content to the game. It’s just too much, it seems.

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With that said, Destiny will continue to be a powerhouse for Bungie and Activision, one that is certainly one of the most important new IPs of this generation. While it failed in some regards, overall, the game has been an unquestionable success, and a sequel will be absolutely massive, despite fading interesting in the original over the past few years.

Hopefully we will learn more about Bungie’s exact plans for wrapping up Destiny 1, and what’s coming in Destiny 2, shortly. For now, enjoy perhaps a sandbox update, and little else for the next few months, until we see what’s next.


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