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Tip #6: Meats

More meat in your diet means more protein to keep you going!

Why it matters?

Now an adversary food, would be refined carbs, examples of refined carbs are white rice, brown rice, white spaghetti. Refined carbs increase risk of type 2 diabetes, obesity and many more. Refined foods don’t contain nutrients that our body needs, therefore you don’t feel full after eating, which can lead to over eating, and craving more carbs. Just keep in mind not all carbs all bad, the refined carbs, have been stripped of their nutrients, which make them unhealthy for you. Eat the carbs that have not been refined!

How to make it work better?

Meat is what keeps you going and fills you up! Not a meat person? That’s okay. For a replacement, beans and seeds are the way to go! Either one will provide tons of protein. You won’t go wrong whether you choose seafood, pork, poultry, beef, seeds, or beans.

Choosing a meat wisely for your diet can be tricky, but you can do it! You can grill, broil, and dry heat. The main thing is to choose a lean type of meat — the less fat, the better! Another thing to look at is how the animals you are consuming have been fed. Grass-fed animals raised without hormones are healthier for you. These meats will give you the energy and feel-good vibes that you crave.

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