The thing I love about SMS-based money-saving app Digit is that it steals pieces of my paycheck without my knowledge and squirrels it away as a fund I can tap into on a rainy day. For those who are more anxious about the when and where their money is moving, the startup has released an app for iOS.

Available today for iPhone, iPad and the Apple Watch, Digit CEO Ethan Bloch says that the app serves as a bit more peace-of-mind for those who like that Digit takes their money but want an easier way to actually see the money.

“When you want to see your money and feel that its safe, you open up the app and you can see that,” he explained. “It’s a metaphor to ground where your money is, and we found that to be super powerful.”

Additionally, the app offers an easier way to actually sign-up for Digit, rather than going through a mobile browser on the phone. It’s also a bit of a “cheat sheet” into the functions of what Digit can do. The company has many code commands that offer different adjustments to Digit’s habits, like a minimum balance limit or adjusting the frequency of transactions.


Bloch assures that none of these things interfere with Digit’s SMS offering, although he did mention that push notifications for iOS may be coming in the future.

“We didn’t design the iOS app to change the fundamental Digit experience,” he said. “We didn’t add anything to the app where you need to open up Digit frequently.”

Despite not getting in the way of what current Digit users are familiar with, 30 percent of beta users did open up their app at least once a day. So, it is serving a healthy portion of the user base that wants to keep track of their savings manually.

Digit is available for free today in the App Store.

Digit [App Store]

Source: The Next Web


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