Dragonz Slot Machine Review: Casual Stroll in Fantasy Land

The world we live in can be boring at times. No talking trees and animals, no giants and magicians are to be seen anywhere, and the only creatures resembling the most popular fantasy creatures of all times – dragons – are either long extinct or are lurking in the waters of far-away lands, waiting to feast on our flesh. Luckily, there’s still a way for us to enjoy their company, thanks to the recent ascension of the fantasy genre: today we can meet dragons on the big and small screens, and play with them in more or less casual video games. The game we’re going to cover today is a “more casual” one, taking us on a short stroll into a fantasy world inhabited by dragons. It’s called Dragonz, and it can be tried free on a desktop or a mobile device at All Slots Canadian casino.

The look and feel

Dragonz is one of the most beautiful games released at the All Slots Casino. Its visuals are bright, colorful, and cheerful, against a background filled with green landscapes and Avatar-esque flying rock islands. The background music of the game is relaxing and peaceful, helping the game to take its players to the Zone in no time.

The character design, as you may expect from the All Slots, is excellent: the four Dragonz inhabiting the game’s reels are all cute and have their own distinctive personality.


Dragonz is a slot machine, which makes it very simple, and easy to play. All you need to do is press “Spin” to spin the reels, and wait for them to stop at a favorable combination of symbols. Each winning combination comes with its own payout, depending on the value of the symbols in it. The game also comes with two special symbols: a Wild, that stands in for any other symbol, and the Scatter, that triggers the game’s Free Spins feature.

Special features

Dragonz, as most other games at the All Slots Canada, comes with several special features.

One of them is Wild Deal, an innovative feature introduced with this new game. Whenever a Wild symbol lands on reel 3 of a non-winning spin, it multiplies, dealing three extra Wild symbols onto the other reels for a guaranteed win.

Another special feature in the game is the above-mentioned Free Spins, triggered by three or more Scatter symbols. Players will get to choose one of the four Free Spins attached to the game (one for each of the four Dragonz), each one with its own special benefits.

Dragonz is a simple, cute, and fun little game, running on a desktop or a mobile device alike. A perfect escape to a fantasy world, even if for just a few minutes at a time.


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