Last month, we reported that Facebook was testing out a new, ad-free desktop Page layout that looks something like this:

Facebook has now confirmed that this is no longer a test – the new layout will be rolled out to all Pages. If you’re not seeing it on your Page yet, you will soon.

According to Social Media Today, As you can see in the example, the new layout separates the cover photo from the profile image, avoiding concerns about overlap as shown in this image.

Facebook Confirms New Desktop Page Layout Coming to All Users | Social Media Today

Call-to-action button is more prominent

The call-to-action button is also more prominent, made blue and given more separation from the ‘Like’ and ‘More’ options, while the Page info has been shifted to the opposite side with the right rail ads have been totally removed – for reference, here’s the outgoing anf incoming Page formats side-by-side.

Facebook Confirms New Desktop Page Layout Coming to All Users | Social Media Today

More focus to the actual Page content

In addition, the new format brings more focus to the actual Page content, which is now front and center, while the left-hand side Page navigation options are more closely aligned with the controls users see in their personal feeds.

So why would a business reliant on ad dollars remove ad space?

As noted by Marketing Land, desktop Page ads are likely not a significant contributor to Facebook’s overall ad revenue. Some 82% of Facebook’s ad revenue now comes from mobile ads, while desktop ad revenue has been in decline as a result of fewer overall desktop impressions. If Facebook can deliver a better brand experience by reducing a largely non-significant ad product, they might be able to boost brand use, and thus, gain more in the long term by encouraging more brands to advertise on the network as they build more of an on-platform presence.

And if you want to make sure your profile is picture perfect, Facebook has also updated their Help center info on Page image sizes to cover the new layout.

Facebook Confirms New Desktop Page Layout Coming to All Users | Social Media TodayOverall, the new update seems to have been well-received thus far, and the additions and changes put it more in line with the mobile profile layout, which should make it easier for users to navigate and for brands to present their latest offers and content.

Time to think of ways to maximize that call to action button (also, time to get rid of that clever cover image that feeds into your profile pic).


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