Facebook’s new app,Lifestage, is a social network specifically for high schoolers. But you don’t have to actually be a high schooler to use it.

According to a report of BusinessInsider, the app, which was created by 19-year-old Facebook employee Michael Sayman, is designed for teens to find and connect with other people who go to their school.

Lifestage is so focused

Instead of directly messaging each other, high schoolers are supposed to use the app to share selfies and videos that all of their classmates can watch.

Lifestage is so focused on reaching high schoolers that it blocks people who list their age as over 21 in the app from joining a school or looking up other accounts.

But there’s one catch: you can easily fake your age in the app and pretend to be a high schooler.

Lifestage Facebook app

When you first open Lifestage , it asks you to create an account with a phone number and enter your age. Even though the app is owned by Facebook, there’s no option to sign in with a Facebook account.

Facebook accounts to use the app

A Facebook spokesperson told Business Insider that it created Lifestage after hearing feedback from teenagers who said there wasn’t a good social network for finding who went to their school. The spokesperson also said that requiring only a phone number was meant to encourage teens without Facebook accounts to use the app.

While testing Lifestage, I created one account that said I was 124 years old. I wasn’t able to add myself to a high school or search for any accounts. Then I created another account that said I was 18 years old. In a matter of seconds, I could easily choose from a list of nearby high schools I wanted to join.


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