FED UP of being forced to listen to irritating auto-play videos in Facebook?

Written by Kamil Arli

Tech Columnist MICHAEL MOORE is reporting that there’s a simple way to stop Facebook’s most ANNOYING feature

FED UP of being forced to listen to irritating auto-play videos in Facebook? There’s an easy solution.

Facebook is many people’s favourite site on the Internet.

With nearly two billion users worldwide, the social network giant is one of the most popular places to visit online, allowing people to stay in contact wherever they are in the world.

However that’s not to say that Facebook still has some issues – but one of the most unpopular new features introduced by Facebook can be stopped with this simple tool.

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We’ve all been there – you’ve opened up multiple tabs and windows whilst online, and suddenly there’s a burst of noise as an auto-play video kicks in.


Facebook is one of the worst offenders when it comes to videos starting automatically, but if you use Google Chrome to get online you could now be in luck.

A new Chrome plug-in called Disable HTML 5 Autoplay is able to block any videos hosted on Facebook from opening automatically.

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The tool is available to download now for free – just click to install.

Don’t worry if you still want to keep watching videos on Facebook, however, as you can still click the play button to bring them to life if you so wish.

The tool is not exclusive to Facebook, either, as it will also work across any other site that uses HTML5 videos.

However it doesn’t force you into blocking all websites if you don’t want to, as users can create a list of approved sources where video plays are permitted, which can be added to at any time.

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Available for Chrome and Opera browsers, the tool will also be able for Firefox users soon.

But if you’re not one for fiddling with your Chrome options, there’s also another way to disable Facebook’s auto play videos.

Simply head to Settings > Videos > Auto-Play Videos while signed in to your Facebook account and switch the drop-down menu option to ‘Off’.

This will also stop mobile-based auto play videos, which could provide major savings on your data allowance and also spare the embarrassment of having a burst of sound erupt from your phone during the morning commute.

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