gemalto emv for a week challenge

By now you should have already received a notice from your financial institutions about updating your debit or credit cards with EMV technology. Cards equipped with “chip” technology have played a key role in reducing payment fraud in many countries, including England where counterfeit card fraud on locally-issued cards went down from a high of 169.8 billion euros in 2008 to 47.8 million euros in 2014.

To showcase the many ways that chip cards make life easier, I’m participating in Gemalto’s “EMV for a Week Challenge”. Starting this weekend I will visit several businesses on the island of Oahu, Hawaii to complete ten tasks using a “chipped” card:

  1. Get coffee at a local (not chain) coffee shop
  2. Make a purchase at a big-box store
  3. Get a meal inside a fast food restaurant
  4. Buy a magazine at a gas station
  5. Get $50 worth of groceries
  6. Buy a tacky t-shirt
  7. Get someone special a bouquet of flowers
  8. Hit a tourist attraction around town
  9. Buy office supplies
  10. Mail the folks at Gemalto a postcard from a local post office

My objective is to provide a real-world take on the EMV card experience. This includes the security benefits EMV cards present, support for the new technology in your community, and other observations I may have while making payments with a “chipped” card.

As part of  Gemalto’s #ChipAwayAtFraud campaign, I will be tweeting my tasks through Twitter (@idaconcpts) and posting updates through Linkedin (ddavila). Also, I will post a “wrap-up piece” detailing my experience during the challenge.

During the challenge, I’ll be competing with other bloggers, including personal security and identify theft expert Robert Siciliano, for the opportunity to win $400 for a charity of my choice. My charity is the University of Hawaii Foundation.

Follow my updates (RTs and @ replies are welcome!) about my EMV card experience in Hawaii and help me win $400 for the UH Foundation.

Let the “EMV for a Week Challenge” begin!

(Image Credit: Aranami)



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