You might regret the way you look on New Year’s Eve.

George Zimmer, America’s avuncular sartorial ambassador, teamed up with ESPN to create a line of college football-themed tuxedos for the night’s two bowl games, called “The New Year’s Eve Collection.”

@ESPN and George Zimmer want you looking classy on New Year’s Eve. So they’re giving away an outfit that’s not your average football jersey.

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The line consists of four suits draped in the team’s colors: Clemson University (a very bright orange), University of Alabama (a “classic houndstooth” made from wool), Michigan State University (that includes “stylish epaulettes”) and University of Oklahoma (also made from wool, but includes a wagon wheel button). Combined, the cheesy designs are make for one bright shade of silly publicity.

Enticing? Well, the Zimmer-designed tuxes won’t be sold in stores — to say nothing of the Men’s Warehouse, where he was forced from his chief executive role in 2013. Fans cans enter to win one of 10 suits on his startup’s website, Generation Tux.

“New Year’s Eve is one of the most festive occasions of the year – and one that certainly calls for a tux,” Zimmer told ESPN. “With this collection, we’re making sure guys can now choose to show off their team spirit in unprecedented style.”

“Unprecedented” is certainly word that many aren’t using to describe the gaudy tuxes. For The Win described them more accurately, calling them “plum awful.”

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