Google’s AMP webpages are making their way to mobile Search. The company is bringing AMP results directly to search on your smartphone or tablet to make stripped-down articles and webpages easier to find.

google launched amp

AMP is Google’s initiative to break the Web down into digestible chunks of easy-to-read articles. It strips down much of the clutter you’ll find on any webpage (likely even the one you’re reading this article on) into a more readable format with less ads.

Recently, Google announced that even ads would be AMPlified. All told, AMP is Google’s way of breaking down and rebuilding the Web it so famously catalogs for us.

In mobile search, AMP webpages will show up as blue links with lightning bolts next to them (because AMP pages load so quickly, I assume). The project is currently in developer preview, but Google plans to launch it widely later this year.

Its main goal with this project is to take AMP beyond news sites and into the mainstream. If you’d like to see what’s available, visit from a mobile device./Read More at:


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