Google today rolled out a new feature for Android users designed to keep their accounts more secure: notifications about newly added devices.

That is, when a new device is added to your Google account, you’ll receive a push notification on your current Android device about the security event. The notification will ask, “Did you just sign in?” If the activity appears suspicious, you’ll then be able to take immediate action.

To do so, users can tap on the “Review Account Activity” option on the notification itself to be taken to a page where they can view the recently used devices associated their account. This screen will show what kind of device was used, when, the location, IP address, and even which browser was used to perform the sign-in.

Google's new feature for Android users- notifications about newly added devices

From here, you can either confirm the device was OK by selecting “Yes, that was me” or you can tap “No, Secure Account,” if you think you’ve been hacked or someone else is using your password.


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