Post image for Hashing Out the Importance of Hashtags on Social Media

Hashtags have become commonplace in nearly every aspect of social media. Linking everything from fan reaction to professional promotional campaigns to shared Internet humor, hashtags play an important role when used correctly to increase engagement and help monitor conversation around a specific brand, event, or trend (although we’ve certainly seen examples where brands have struggled with them).

This infographic from Ghergich & Co. and SurePayroll offers a basic primer for hashtag use for those new to the social media space or still confused by the intended uses of that weird pound symbol in front of all those words.

Along with offering tips for how to uses hashtags, the infographic offers a few takeaways which include the fact that tweets with hashtags average twice as much engagement as those without, too many hashtags decrease engagement (except on hashtag-crazy Instagram), and Facebook remains the sole holdout where the use of hashtags actually decreases engagement.

We’ve discussed several of the tips for using hashtags successfully found on the infographic but they’re worth mentioning again:

  1. Use unique, short, easy to understand, distinctive, and memorable hashtags that are relevant to your campaign.
  2. Consider using your brand’s or campaign’s name as a hashtag (but only if it fits the criteria above).
  3. Make sure the hashtag isn’t already in use and test the hashtag before deploying it for your campaign.
  4. Consider including the hashtag on promotional materials, commercials, and billboards.
  5. Follow and monitor the hashtag to measure response and watch out for hashtag hijacking or instances where it might be turned around to attack the brand.



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