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Since the introduction of the hashtag to social media in 2007 it has been used to promote discussion from everything ranging from brand marketing and fan support of a product to #whyimsingle.

We’ve talked about hashtags in the past discussing #FreeSimmons, #WeaselPecker, the #NAACPBombing, #AskSeaWorld, DiGiorno’s improper use of #WhyIStayed, and the rise of hashtavism.

While filming the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film actor Johnny Depp earned the ire of Australia’s Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce who learned the actor snuck his two dogs into the country illegally. Threatening to have the dogs euthanized if Depp didn’t remove them from the country, Joyce created a media storm centered around Australia’s #WarOnTerrier as the politician was surprised to learn threatening to murder dogs in the name of bureaucracy didn’t play nearly as well as he hoped.

Quarrantine regulations are strict in Australia to prevent animal-transmitted diseases from entering the country undetected. Despite the reasoning behind the laws it’s clear that Joyce’s manner in enforcing it left no one looking good. Eventually Depp chose to return the dogs home but not before the discussion around the topic had become so loud that even HBO’s John Oliver weighed in on:

Have you ever been harassed or threatened online? Created by HeartMob, the hashtag #MyTroll is an attempt to counteract online bullying. The hashtag #MyTroll was created not to single out and fight online personal attacks but to acknowledge them and to encourage others to stand-up for others when they witness someone being bullied online. As the Kickstarter has earned more than twice as much as their original goal it’s fair to say HeartMob has struck a nerve with those weary of trolls and online attacks.

The hashtag has also made it easier to collect online attacks and alert others to the situation. Heartmob also plans to offer assistance to those in need to identify serious threats, report instances to the proper authorities, and refer legal and cousneling options to those who have been attacked online.



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