But of course, this is the internet, and on the internet, we can’t have nice things.

hillary avatar maker

This week, two more candidates from the Republican party officially announced their plans to run for President of the United States. With campaign season kicking off, designer Matthew Bolaños decided to make an avatar generator (not affiliated with Hillary Clinton campaign) to let the former first lady’s fans show their support.

Someone made a Hillary Clinton avatar generator and it’s already been abused to bits

But of course, this is the internet, and on the internet, we can’t have nice things.

Just a day after the generator went live, people have already abused the heck out of the tool, making mockeries of the Clinton campaign logo.

Hillary-ous #Hillary2016 http://t.co/FRqtfVuoDA pic.twitter.com/rIFHdbutFH

— Doomchild (@Doomchild_) June 17, 2015

Well this is fun. http://t.co/SjLmXpEzMJ pic.twitter.com/pZuT10HDQw — D. Benneworth-Gray (@gray) June 17, 2015

Support Hillary with your own personalized ‘H’ — http://t.co/U2xpmsRhug pic.twitter.com/nDGlHc8UaD

— Park (@chobats) June 17, 2015

Make your own @HillaryClinton avatar at http://t.co/VKiYVe1y2H pic.twitter.com/8y9ogawKoX — 75% Ironic (¬‿¬) (@Synthovine) June 17, 2015

@Ricky_Vaughn99 create your own at http://t.co/IZat2yXyYK pic.twitter.com/et8PZ8fc1h

— Φutworld卐Oligarch (@outworld_warui) June 17, 2015

Sorry, not…okay, a *bit* sorry
http://t.co/5kEUxIQT9G pic.twitter.com/UCwDEAKpbq

— Mic Wright (@brokenbottleboy) June 17, 2015

There are plenty more that are not safe for life, but we’ll spare you the details. Though admittedly, we could only wonder the kind of results a Jeb Bush avatar maker could generate.

➤ HillaryAvatar.com

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