Post image for How Air Guitar Can Reveal Your Own Creative Process

In his recent TEDx Talk our good friend Eric “Mean Melin” Melin discussed how his air guitar career can be used as an example of examining a person’s creative process. Arguing creativity is a learned skill, Eric discusses how his creative process to become the World Air Guitar Champion can be applied to deal with creativity and problem solving needed in a person’s everyday life.

“Epiphanies rarely happen in a bubble. That lightbulb moment only happens after much research, trial and error, and hardcore critical thinking about the problem.”

“Good creative is more than raw talent. It’s talent carried out through a well-designed strategy. Even in something as inherently absurd as air guitar, you still have to create a plan and execute it.”

If you have a few minutes, and are curious of how problem solving something like an air guitar routine can help you think outside of the box for your own challenges, sit back and enjoy the show.



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