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Instagram is testing new ways to improve for video channels

Written by Mia Miller

Instagram is known as a place to post still photos, but the future is video.

Mashable has discovered a new video “Channels” section located within the app’s “Explore” section.

An Instagram spokersperson told Mashable “We’re always testing new ways to improve the Instagram experience.”

The feature was discovered on an Android phone running 6.0.1 Marshmallow. It couldn’t be duplicated on an iPhone or another Android phone running the same system.

Normally, when you enter the Explore page, you’re brought to a thumbnail view of  photos and videos that “you might like.” There are certain categories that group together certain genres of posts, but not to the extent seen in the new Channels view.

When you tap on the Channels icon, you’re brought to this, a menu with 64 different categories:


Instagram is likely testing this feature on a small group of users. The company frequently does this for new features like the recently discovered edit draftsoption.

For what it’s worth, at least one other person has seen it within the last 24 hours:



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