iOS 10 Carrier Updates Causing Issues for T-Mobile Users in U.S., Telstra Users in Australia

According to MacRumors, The combination of upgrading to iOS 10 and installing the latest carrier updates appears to be causing issues for some T-Mobile and Telstra customers in the United States and Australia respectively, crowdsourced information suggests.

A number of T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers claim that once their iPhone loses service temporarily, the device is unable to reestablish a cellular connection unless it is fully restarted or network settings are reset. The issue appears to have started after the latest 25.1 carrier update on iPhones running iOS 10.

MacRumors reader GCHASE1995:

Anyone on T-Mobile that has done the carrier update to 25.1, have you been getting no service? I can’t get service at all. I can get it, if I reset network settings. Then if I lose service I can’t get it back.

Reddit user Hitokill:

I am in the same boat as many others. If I can stay connected to the LTE network the 25.1 update is fine. However, I work in a building with certain areas that have no coverage. Once I walk in those areas and lose signal, then walk to an area where I normally have full bars I can’t get it back on no matter what I do (hard reset, Airplane Mode, etc…) The only fix I found was going into settings and Reset Network Settings. Totally sucks but that is basically what I have to do. T-Mobile rep said he did something on his end too, but didn’t fix the issue when it came back.

Meanwhile, several Telstra customers in Australia report that Visual Voicemail no longer works after updating to iOS 10 and installing the latest carrier update. “I have no indication that a voicemail has been left and nothing shows up in the voicemail section,”wrote one user. “Voicemails are definitely being left though.”

It is unclear if Apple is aware of these issues, but they will likely be resolved in a future software or carrier update.

T-Mobile users complain about iOS 10 carrier settings causing service blackouts [ux2]

According to Apple Insider,

A carrier settings update, associated with iOS 10, is causing some T-Mobile customers to lose their cellular connection in places where they should otherwise have a signal, according to complaints on Apple’s support forums. [Updated with official T-Mobile response and promised Apple fix]

People encountering the issue are finding themselves completely offline until they reboot their phones or choose Reset Network Settings from the iOS Settings app. AppleInsider can confirm the existence of the glitch, which on Wednesday kept an editor’s iPhone 6 offline in an area which normally has good reception. Rebooting the phone solved the situation.

Anecdotes suggest that the problem is related to how iPhones connect to T-Mobile’s LTE network. It appears to be triggered by temporarily leaving LTE coverage, which can be troublesome if a person regularly passes through areas with poor or non-existent service, like elevators and parking garages.

The carrier update is suspected because the problem didn’t manifest until this week, and is only affecting connections to one cellular network. Appropriately, people on T-Mobile’s prepaid MetroPCS brand may also be impacted.

So far there’s no indication of when the issue might be resolved, but T-Mobile will presumably push out another carrier update in the near future.

Update: T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray has taken to Twitter to elaborate on the issue, indicating that Apple is “working to fix an iOS 10 problem” within the next 48 hours. Until then, T-Mobile customers with an iPhone SE, 6, or 6 Plus are warned not to upgrade to iOS 10.

Update 2: Apple and T-Mobile have released a fix for the issue, meaning users are free to update to iOS 10 at their convenience.


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