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If your sex drive increased after you got pregnant, you are not alone. In fact, OB/GYNs have pointed out that many women experience increased libido during pregnancy. This also leaves women asking many related questions, such as “is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?” The good news is that not only is it safe in the vast majority of cases but it can even be helpful.

Sex During Pregnancy is Normal and Healthy

Biologically speaking, there is absolutely nothing unusual about feeling the desire to have sex throughout your pregnancy. This is due to hormonal factors, and many women feel especially revved up near the end of their first trimester. You may also become more sexually charged due to the increased blood flow that pregnancy is sending to your breasts and sexual organs.

It is important to note that some women battle throughout pregnancy with a complete lack of desire for sex. This is also normal, and it may be caused by fluctuating hormones, body confidence issues and morning sickness. Either way, if you do decide to have sex while you are pregnant, you should not experience any serious negative consequences as long as your pregnancy has been progressing normally.

Is it Safe to Have Sex During Pregnancy if You Have a History of Miscarriages?

Many people have the misconception that sexual activity during pregnancy can lead to a miscarriage. The reality is that miscarriages typically happen as the result of abnormal fetal development, which has nothing to do with your sex life. Your uterus’ amniotic fluid is protecting your baby, and having sex may even keep you healthier. Researchers have discovered that women who have sex while they are pregnant are less likely to deal with a variety of potentially serious health complications, including eclampsia, pre-eclampsia and hypertension.

Is There Anything to be Concerned About Regarding Pregnancy Sex?

Although sex during pregnancy is normal and safe in the vast majority of cases, there are always exceptions to every rule. Therefore, it is vital to be aware that there are some situations that may make it medically necessary not to have sex. Your physician should inform you if sexual activity could cause complications due to issues such as placenta previa and cervical incompetence. Additionally, if you have any unexplained bleeding or begin leaking amniotic fluid, it will be necessary to speak to your doctor about whether or not you can continue having sex during the rest of your pregnancy.

Can We Still Use Our Favorite Positions?

There are typically no positions that are off-limits from a medical perspective, but your physical comfort will play a role in how you choose to proceed sexually. It is common for pregnant women to switch to being on top or in a spooning position. You can also proceed with oral sex, but you need to be aware of one potential complication: if your partner blows air into your vagina, you may end up with a blocked blood vessel. Make sure that you discuss this in advance so that it does not become a problem.

Will Sex Cause Labor?

Numerous scientists have suggested that the presence of prostaglandin in semen might be able to induce labor. However, a study that was published in 2012 was unable to find any conclusive link between sex and going into labor. On the plus side, researchers did not find any indication that having sex near your due date will cause any negative side effects. Interestingly, women who are known to be at risk for preterm labor may be told by their physician that it is best to abstain from sex during their third trimester.

As you can see, your hormones may make you feel a strong desire for sex. If this happens and you do not have any existing medical issues that make sexual activity dangerous, you should feel free to enjoy yourself! It is possible for women to develop a UTI after vigorous sex, but you can minimize this risk by taking a softer, gentler approach.

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