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Main differences between OnePlus 3T vs OnePlus

Written by Kamil Arli

OnePlus, the company that promises to never settle and only make smartphones that its creators would love to use, has introduced the OnePlus 3T, a souped up version of the OnePlus 3.

The OnePlus 3T builds up on the OnePlus 3 foundation: it’s an affordable phone with the fastest processor available on Android and unlike other cryptic brands out of China like Xiaomi, it is actually sold in the United States and offered with a proper warranty and support. And yes, the OnePlus 3T supports 4G LTE bands for AT&T and T-Mobile, but is still not CDMA-compliant, so you still cannot use it on Verizon and Sprint.


It’s also worth noting that the OnePlus 3T is practically the same physical body like the OnePlus 3: it’s still a 5.5-inch design made of gorgeous aluminum, it still features a very slim, 7.3mm body, and it still supports the awesome Dash Charge tech that makes re-charges much faster.

What you’ve came here to learn, however, is all the important ways in which the OnePlus 3T differs from the OnePlus 3. After all, the 3T starts at a slightly higher price. Here are the 7 important differences that make the 3T better than its predecessor.

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