Netflix wants you to build your own personal trainer

Written by Kamil Arli

According to the Netflix introduced the DIY personal trainer.

Watching Fuller House or Grace and Frankie on my phone during a workout passes the time. But it doesn’t exactly inspire hard work and perseverance.

Its fourth “Make It” project gives users “that extra push,” doling out motivation from your favorite Netflix characters “right when you need them most,” the streaming service said.

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“If committing to exercise [were] as easy as committing to Netflix, you’d probably have Daredevil’s abs by now,” according to a video description.

Feel free to make substitutions or experiment

You (or a tech-savvy friend) will need a background in building electronics and coding. Check out Netflix’s detailed bill of materials before getting started.

“Feel free to make substitutions or experiment with different materials based on how you like to work out—or what will get you jazzed about working out,” the project page said.

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The toughest part, more than climbing a treadmill mountain or pushing up a cycling hill, is choosing the right personal trainer. Do you need a drill sergeant like Terry Crews (Ultimate Beastmaster), Red Reznikov (Orange is the New Black), or Frank Underwood (House of Cards)?


Or do you work better under pressure from Queen Elizabeth (The Crown)? Perhaps the optimism of Kimmy Schmidt (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) or Stephanie Tanner (Fuller House) will get you to the finish line.

Other options include Frankie Bergstein (Grace and Frankie), Dustin Henderson (Stranger Things), Kimmy Gibbler (Fuller House), Taystee Jefferson (Orange is the New Black), Titus Andromedon (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), BoJack Horseman (BoJack Horseman), and Maria Bamford (Lady Dynamite). Those practicing their Spanish on the elliptical may want to channel drug kingpin Pablo Escobar (Narcos).


The personal trainer will auto-pause your show every time you stop

Built-in LEDs act as an activity meter: three lights suggest an energetic workout, while one means you’re slacking and are about to get whipped into shape. If you’re watching Netflix on iOS while working out, the personal trainer will auto-pause your show every time you stop and deliver motivational goodness.

A CNC router or 3D printer could prove useful for building a case, to which you can attach a character faceplate. If you don’t hard code a specific personality as your coach, the device will automatically detect which faceplate is attached.

Netflix launched its Make It program during September 2015’s Maker Faire, where it debuted the Netflix Switch—place food orders, silence mobile devices, build a playlist of TV episodes, and more with one tap. Three months later, the company introduced socks that pause the television when the wearer falls asleep.

All the items needed can be purchased through Amazon.

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