New report: Apple’s Mac is no longer Virus-Free

Written by Kamil Arli

If you’re a Mac user, you might want to look out for an increase of unwanted advertisements popping out from your web browsers. According to the Mashable’s report, Apple is no longer virus-free. 

People love using macOS for plenty of reasons: its simple navigability, its built-in suite of creative-minded tools, and y’know, the whole Apple fanboy thing. But the OS’s perceived security remains one of the biggest draws for picking a Mac over a Windows device.

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That security, however, may be at risk. McAfee Labs’ latest Threats Report, published at the beginning of the month, shared some potentially sobering news for Mac users: There’s been a massive spike in new malware targeting macOS, resulting in a more than 700 percent increase in the malicious software from just the year before. The influx came during Q4 2016, the last quarter for which data has been gathered.

More than 460,000 reports of malware affecting macOS

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The increase in malware comes as more people buy Apple’s computers and use its OS.

There is a bright side, though: McAfee says that the majority of the malware came from adware bundling, which looks to deluge your web browsing experience with popup ads. It’s annoying, sure, but it’s preferable to truly malicious software that aims to take over your laptop or knock your computer out of commission.

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