NOKIA has made millions of phone fans happy

Written by Kamil Arli

The is reporting that, NOKIA has made millions of phone fans happy by announcing a new Nokia 3310 smartphone at Mobile World Congress – but users in this major market will miss out on the device.

The new Nokia 3310 is already proving to be one of the most popular mobile launches of the year.

The refreshed version of Nokia’s iconic mobile phone, reborn under the new tutelage of HMD Global, was revealed at Mobile World Congress last weekend, sending nostalgia fans into a frenzy.

The Nokia 3310, which originally went on sale back in September 2000, went on to become one of the best selling devices of all time, shipping some 126 million units worldwide.


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All this has helped raised anticipation for the next generation device to fever pitch – but now it seems millions of users won’t be able to get their hands on one at all.

It seems that, despite the unsurprising hardware update that comes with refreshing a 17-year-old phone, the Nokia 3310 won’t work in the USA.

In contrast to many modern smartphones, the new Nokia 3310 doesn’t feature 2017-era features, including full internet connections.

The devices only uses 2G networks for its calls and messages, operating on the 900MHz frequency.

However this frequency is currently not in use across the USA, with CNET noting that to work on AT&T’s network, for example, the phone would need to support the 850MHz and 1900MHz frequencies.

new nokia 3310 release date launch colour options


The new Nokia 3310 will be available in four different colour schemes

HMD Global has confirmed that the USA will miss out on the Nokia 3310 – for the time being at least.

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“It’s not that we’re not launching in the US,” HMD Global head of marketing Patrick Mercanton told CNET. “It’s that the US takes a little bit longer to ramp up.”


However there’s no concrete answer to when exactly this will be, although the Nokia 3310 is set to launch elsewhere next month.

”We’ll probably end with the US at some point,” Mercanton added. “It’s definitely on our radar… we want to go into the US because we want to have a global launch.” got the chance to go hands-on with the Nokia 3310 at MWC, labelling the device, “nostalgic perfection” – you can read more here.

For its €49 (around £50) price tag, the Nokia 3310 is an absolute bargain, with all the former favourite features and apps all present.

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There’s even an updated version of classic mini-game Snake, which is now in colour to show off the new and bright 2.4in display – although there’s no touchscreen.

new nokia 3310 hands on review was seriously impressed with the new Nokia 3310

The battery life, a core and much-loved feature of the original Nokia 3310, is still present, with the company promising up to a month’s worth of juice.

However there is a 2MP rear camera – a first for the device, along with the classic alphanumeric keyboard.

And with a footprint of just 15.6 x 51 x 12.8mm, the redesigned Nokia 3310 is sure to please anyone who loathes palm-stretching phablets, like the iPhone 7 Plus – and the device also weighs far less.

HMD Global is making the refreshed 3310 available in Warm Red and Yellow, which both come with a fingerprint-prone high-gloss finish, and Dark Blue and Grey, with a matte-look finish.

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