Nokia’s classic 3310 is poised to make a remarkable comeback

Written by Kamil Arli

According to the, the new Nokia 3310 is making a comeback but rumours suggest there will only be one place to purchase this updated device in the UK.

Nokia’s classic 3310 is poised to make a remarkable comeback.

The retro phone, which was first launched in 2000, is one of the biggest selling devices of all time and rumours are suggesting a refreshed version could be shown off as early as this weekend.

Mobile World Congress opens its doors in Barcelona on Sunday and Nokia has a press conference scheduled for 4pm (3PM GMT).

It’s thought that the Finnish firm will unveil a new 3310 alongside a new flagship smartphone called the Nokia P1.

The refreshed version of the Nokia 3310 (which we can only hope will ship with a copy of Snake II preinstalled) is expected to set customers back some €59 (roughly £50).


It’s unclear whether the revamped mobile phone will include any new smart features – or whether it will include the same low-res software that powered the original.

We’ll know more in a few days time but it seems whatever Nokia announces may only be available in one UK store.

According to Mobile Today, Nokia has struck a deal with Carphone Warehouse to be the only stockist of the new 3310 with one source telling the website that it would be the launch partner for the classic device.

If the rumour is true it will mean fans of the phone won’t be able to get a 3310 from their current mobile operator or rival stores.

It will also give Carphone the ability to dictate the cost with rivals left unable to start a price war.

Although Carphone isn’t commenting on the rumours they have recently announced an exclusive deal to stock the new Nokia 150.


This budget device is currently on sale at Carphone only, with a camera, MP3 player, torch and Bluetooth functionality for just £34.99 SIM free.

To prove just how popular a new 3310 could be, bookmakers Ladbrokes have started taking bets on the launch on the retro phone.

One bet currently on offer is 500/1 that the Nokia 3310 will outsell the iPhone.

The relaunched 3310 is odds-on at 1/2 to have a colour screen of some kind.

It’s 4/1 to come equipped with a camera and thankfully for the fans of the game just 1/10 to have a version of snake installed.

Battery endurance is also likely to be a key feature and those who think the new edition will possess a stamina of over a fortnight can take 2/1.

Alex Donohue of Ladbrokes said: “The Nokia news has sent tech-speculators into meltdown and as such plenty are willing to take a punt on the makeup of the hotly-anticipated 3310.

“The latest odds make it look a certainty snake will be included and when it comes to the phone having a mega battery life, all bets are off too.”

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