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A Blogger Shares How She Made $28,000 Using The 4 Stages of Warming Her Readers Up

Today I’m wrapping up the mini series we have been going through that is all about warming your readers up. We have been talking about how to take readers from being completely unaware of who you are or cold to being fully engaged with you or warmed up.


I’m going to wrap this series up by sharing a case study of how one blogger, who had a relatively small list of readers, used the principles that we have been talking about in this series to generate over $28,000.

She did this by using a single blog post, a SlideShare presentation, a lead magnet, an email sequence, and a webinar.

Recap of Episodes in Warming Your Readers Up Series

Episode 112

  • I walk you through the 4 stages of warming your readers up
    • First getting their attention
    • Second getting them interested
    • Third getting a connection
    • Four getting engagement

Episode 113

  • This episode was all about getting that first eyeball on your site
    • Using Guest Content (and how to work out where you could put it)
    • Creating Shareable content on your own blog (gave tips on how to work out what to create)
    • I spoke about Repurposing content
    • Talked a little about SEO – particularly in search engines beyond Google like iTunes, App Store etc

Episode 114

  • All about getting people to look twice at you and your blog. Getting them interested, and getting them to realize that you are doing something relevant to them.
    • How to make a big promise about how you’ll relieve a pain or help bring about a gain
    • I shared some tips on how to differentiate yourself
    • I talked about creating ‘fist pump content’ that gives readers a quick win
    • Spoke about how to funnel readers to this quick win content through your site navigation, start here pages or portals
    • Shared some tips on using social proof to make people look twice

Episode 115

  • All about getting a connection with your readers. How to get them to subscribe, and I shared practical strategies on that.
    • Using pop ups, welcome mats and other ways to call readers to subscribe
    • Creating great lead magnets through creating content specific upgrades (gave you some examples of this)
    • Talked about how to create lead magnets that create momentum and build anticipation
    • Talked about the importance of content that builds desire and content that builds anticipation
    • Talked about cross promotion of your connection points to get secondary points of connection

Episode 116

  • All about deepening engagement with your readers
    • Particularly emphasises how to ‘onboard’ your readers
    • How to create content that promotes engagement and a sense of belonging
    • How to use ‘content events’ to build engagement

Today, I want to give you a case study that picks up on many of the strategies that I’ve talked about, so you can see how these might come together to help your readers flow through these stages.

To walk us through it I want to introduce you to Donna Moritz from

I was sharing these 4 stages of warming up readers on my FB page a few weeks back, and Donna shared with me a great example of how she brought them together.

In Today’s Episode Donna Moritz Shares How She Made $28,000 Using The 4 Stages of Warming Her Readers Up

  • Donna’s Blog Post – 21 Pro Tips for a Packed House at Your Webinar or Live Event Using Visual Marketing
    • She knew big blog posts were effective, she was asked to be an affiliate for Amy Porterfield, so she decided to create a “firecracker” blog post to get the most webinar attendees
    • She knew people interested in this topic would be interested in the event, priming readers for a topic
    • The post took a couple of weeks of collecting information from influencers, then about a day to write
    • To get the attention of influencers, you have to make time and build relationships with this people. At least show you are interested in what they do before contacting them cold. Aim high, but don’t forget to look to the left and the right.
    • The post worked because it was a list post, it had a good title, very visual, and we shared quotes. There was also a banner ad for signups and a lead magnet.
    • Darren’s reflections on why it’s a great post:
      • Comprehensive (useful and shareable)
      • Visually Appealing (interesting)
      • Features Influencers (social proof)
      • Actionable/Practical Tips – (quick wins)
  • SlideShare – Donna also created 32 slides using quotes from the influencers featured in her blog post. This content is useful in itself, but it also points at the blog post and hints at a free cheat sheet.
    • I knew Slide Share was not only a great piece of visual content, but it drives shares. Slide Share can open in a news feed. I’ve done well in Slide Share presentations.
    • Liken it to putting a firecracker under your blog post – using slideshare or an infographic or short video to drive traffic to the blog post.  Slideshare has consistently driven quality traffic for me.
    • Donna creates the blog posts and Slide Shares at the same time.
    • Give attention to the cover because that is what catches people’s attention
    • Keep it simple, so people will click through
    • Donna linked to the blog post several times and hinted at the cheat sheet, you need to have a call to action
    • We created a theme and used terminology about that theme
    • We also tweeted out from the actual SlideShare – The SlideShare team monitors traffic and you can get featured on SlideShare
  • Lead Magnet/Content Upgrade
    • It’s well worth signing up for Donna’s Lead Magnet – Free Cheat Sheet
    • Donna chose a cheat sheet because she knew they worked well and the one page cheat sheet was found to convert the best
    • The biggest mistake you can make with a cheat sheet sign up is not to follow up
    • Minimum viable product – easiest product to create
    • Make a template use Canva or Photoshop if you know it, or have a designer create a template with your logo and branding
    • Why Darren thinks this works:
      • Builds on blog post
      • Great design
      • Comprehensive (9 pages) but not too long
      • Has quick wins and really practical examples, suggests tools to use
      • Generous content
  • Onboarding – Email Sequence
    • Now people who sign up for my newsletter get a welcome email
    • Then I ask what their biggest problem is and set expectations for the next emails.
    • I try to give them value before they move onto my sequence
    • When asking questions through a newsletter be prepared to get responses, and make sure you take the time to respond
    • The people who give you long responses are your potential customers
    • Good onboarding
    • Ask questions
    • Link to PDFs to give away – add value
    • Address pain obstacles and offer value, don’t just sell
  • Webinars
    • Webinars are a great way to teach without being on camera
    • Donna likes the interaction with people, and is getting more comfortable with the sales part at the end
    • A great way to connect with people, add value, and sale some programs
    • A webinar can be a pure engagement tool
    • People feel like they are having a conversation with you

This was the perfect ending to this series. With great examples. The webinar is a great way to end this series. We haven’t talked about monetization, and the webinar is one way to sell something. If Donna had any regrets, it was she wished she did this earlier. Her advice is learn to track and it doesn’t take that much effort to add in the extra steps.

Further Resources on How Donna Used The 4 Stages of Warming Her Readers Up

Donna’s SlideShare Tips & Links

Other Examples of Content Upgrades

How did you go with today’s episode?

I hope you enjoyed today’s podcast. I picked up a few things from Donna that I am going to give a go. I hope you enjoyed this series.

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