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Pokémon Go is coming to Apple watch

Written by Kamil Arli

It is confirmed that Niantic Labs will soon release Pokémon Go for Apple Watch.

Niantic Labs has just confirmed that the Pokemon Go for Apple Watch application is still on track for release, though it’s still unclear when the game will arrive. Niantic made the confirmation on Twitter on Dec. 18.

Back in September, Niantic has announced that the viral mobile app Pokémon Go was coming to the Apple Watch before this year ends. However, after the big announcement, no news has come out about the smartwatch app release and now it appears that the planned Pokemon Go for Apple Watch has been scrapped altogether.

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The app’s alleged cancellation

After 9to5Mac reported that Niantic labs have ceased development of the planned Pokemon Go for Apple Watch, the developer has posted a message on the game’s official Twitter account, possibly as a direct response to the earlier reports of the app’s alleged cancellation.

Niantic Labs notably released Pokémon Go, the wearable that connects with user’s smartphone via Bluetooth, back in September. That wearable has a built-in LED light to notify users of nearby Pokemon Go players and Pokémon to catch, and also offers almost the same functionality as the upcoming Pokemon Go for Apple Watch, according to 9to5mac.

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The Pokemon Go for Apple Watch application that was shown during Apple event last September was reportedly only an “unfinished port.” Some analysts described it as being a companion mobile app, with some features such as the Apple Watch tapping your wrist as you approached a Pokéstop and more.

Need to use their iPhone in order to catch any Pokemon

The idea was for Apple Watch to act as a peripheral of sorts, where it will display several pieces of information, including the distance needed to hatch eggs and how much more XP the users need to get to the next level, GameSpot reported. However, Apple Watch users would still need to use their iPhone in order to catch any Pokemon if one of them appears.

The original plan for Pokemon Go for Apple Watch application was to launch this year. Unfortunately, at this point, the developer hasn’t released any official statement yet as to why it ceased development of the Pokémon Go for Apple Watch application. So expect no release date for the viral mobile app this year.

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