You’ve probably heard of Prisma, the mindblowing photo-editing app that uses AI for its filters.

While they was the first to reach worldwide popularity, it has since become a crowded space for apps. With today’s launch of Artisto, it’s now possible to put an arty layer over your moving images as well.

There are a lot of filters to choose from — some are reminiscent of Prisma, but others are unique to the app. Tap a button and your video is done, ready to share to Instagram and other social media.

Maybe the most amazing thing is how quickly everything is rendered. It only takes a few seconds and the video is finished, which is impressive for the amount of frames it has to process.

With the growing competition in the AI photo filter space, it’s going to be an interesting few months — will Prisma be able to retain their users, or will they flee to apps like this?

They’re launching their video mode soon, and I can’t wait to try it out and compare it with Artisto./ Read More at:


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