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So I’ve been experimenting more with Facebook and to be honest I still can’t tell what will work and what won’t at the moment – everything I know has gone out the window! Stuff I think will do well totally flops and some other thing I forgot I scheduled has everyone buzzing. I cannot figure this out for the life of me!

Also the Instagram icon changed colours and everyone wigged out, and the chronological timeline disappeared with minimum fuss. Unless you fussed. Did you fuss? Does it bother you at all?

Anyway, here’s what I found this week that piqued my interest (and reminded me about stuff I had forgotten, which is a bonus!)

7 Helpful Resources Every Content Marketer Should Bookmark | HubSpot

I get into so much of a rut sometimes I forget to see what new and exciting stuff everyone else is doing, so the links to email galleries and inspiration are super useful to me.

10 Examples of Great Disney Marketing Campaigns | Econsultancy

I spoke on a panel recently about working with online influencers, and one of the questions I was asked is what is exciting me about brands and bloggers working together – I replied that it was the unique and out-of-the-box campaigns I was seeing coming through nowadays. Some of them are so creative and so fun, and that’s what I think these marketing campaigns by Disney totally represent. I love the interactivity of them, and their difference to the same-old same-old marketing we’re all immune to.

Creating a Kick-ass Brand Identity | Limwrites

You know you need to stand out – and by creating an instantly-recognisable brand is so much a part of that. This is a great post for helping you dig deep into what you’re already doing and what you can change.

How to Rule Facebook: Lessons From the Most Engaging Pages | Buzzsumo

Who’s doing Facebook really well? HOW are they doing it? How can you use these tips and do it too?

17 Tips for Entrepeneurs Who Blog | Entrepreneur

This is fantastic if only for the reminder that blogging daily isn’t all it’s cracked up to be in terms of traffic (so blog smarter, not harder!). Pretty solid tips.


This Entrepreneur Built His Business on Social Media (and you can too) | Entrepreneur

I love hearing case studies and people’s stories, and Richie Norton’s tips on doing your own PR are spot on.

14+ Tools for Bloggers | Social Media Examiner

Some of these I use, some are totally new to me, but all are useful. Which ones do you need?

Optimising for Accessibility + SEO: Site and Page Structure Overlaps | Moz

Okkkkk I think it’s time I just outsourced this stuff now. I am really impressed with the lengths they’ve gone to to discuss how to make your blog easier to find for people with disabilities.

5 Top Ways to Strengthen Your Social Media Marketing Skills | Socialnomics

If you don’t have a background in marketing, but suddenly realise you need some of these skills to help you get more traction with your blog, these tips are for you (and me. and most of us!).

Your Guide to Creating and Sharing Content | Content Marketing Institute

Images and design is where I fall down the most *makes a note to do something about it*

So what’s caught your eye this week? Have you had a Facebook win or finally got on Snapchat? I’d love to hear!

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