The release of the iPhone – the first true “smartphone” as we use the term today – was exciting not only for the users but the developers as well. Users got to discover not only a completely new device but a whole new way to use it, relying a lot more on the internet as any handset before. And developers got to discover a brand new platform and with it a completely new way to generate revenues, especially through games.

You might think of this stream of revenues as a one-way flux of money (from the user to the developer). But there is a special class of mobile games that reverses it, allowing players either to enjoy their preferred gaming experience free of charge or even giving them the chance to have their pockets filled as a result of their playing. I’m talking about real money online gaming, the kind you can try yourself at Casino La Vida.

A different business model

Games of chance have been around for millennia, and over time they became organized and regulated. Some of their forms – like scratch cards, lotteries, and their likes – are regulated and government-commissioned, others – like casino games, both online and in real life – are run by private companies. The reach of this form of entertainment was limited by location for a long time until, in the mid-1990s, a startup called Microgaming took the whole business online. Since then, what begun as a novelty has grown into a massive, multi-billion dollar industry, spreading to all continents, and finding its way to mobile devices as well.

Real money gaming venues don’t rely on sales and advertising, as the classic gaming business does. Instead, it allows players to wager an amount of their choice on a massive variety of games (Casino La Vida has over 700 of them to choose from) and offers them the chance to win real money in the process.

Do players actually win at this game?

Some of them do, others don’t. Casino La Vida has a “Winners’ Wall”, showing off a list of people who did actually win money while playing their games. But most players are not in real money online games for the win – but for entertainment. Because this is what Casino La Vida and hundreds of other similar gaming venues offer: a specific form of entertainment for people who enjoy it. All this in an accessible and convenient way, on any device the player might choose: desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, and basically anything with a web browser in it. And, unlike real life casino patrons, online casino fans only play casually, statistics show. And they only lose a tiny amount compared to the other category of players.


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