Post image for Seven Tips to Help Design Your Brand’s Perfect Logo

As we’ve discussed before the shape and color of your brand’s logo and the choices you make tying certain colors and designs to your official brand can affect how consumers react to you.

The right logo can last generations, continue to promote the brand over time, and sometimes even outlive the brand itself.

This infographic from Company Folders reinforces several of those ideas by reminding you to be enticing, unique, timeless, new, simple, consistent, and adaptable in the creation of your brand’s official logo which needs to make a splash with your target demographic, stand the test of time, stand-out from the crowd, tie back to your company, and still be adaptable when used in multiple sizes and various types of marketing materials.

If your company is in the process of rebranding that may include a shift in its logo and marketing you definitely need to keep these suggestions in mind while also using a monitoring platform to gauge the success of the change, respond to customer comments and concerns, and help make the transition as seamless as possible.



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