Snapchat’s Spectacles are now on sale

Written by Kamil Arli

Snapchat’s ongoing marketing campaign for Spectacles continues to mean you can only buy them from a single Snapbot deployed at a single location, for a limited time. Today’s spot is just outside Tulsa, Oklahoma, the third location after Venice Beach in LA last week, and Big Sur in norther California on Sunday.

The new location is the first beyond the west coast, and my colleague Fitz Tepper called it right when anticipating something in the Central time zone because of the 7 AM start time. The specific location today appears to be near the Blue Whale of Catoosa, a roadside attraction on Route 66.

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The Snapbot vending machine contains around 200 or so sets of Spectacles, according to estimates from people who’ve waited in line, and while it was refilled multiple times on its first appearance near Snapchat’s original HQ in Venice Beach, yesterday it was completely sold out once the first batch of inventory was gone.

Snap, Inc’s rollout plan with these is pretty amazing, really – it’s generating huge hype by keeping the locations a secret and only offering them at one spot per day. It’s also making this into a country-wide road trip, picking spots that are a bit off the beaten path but definitely interesting.

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Definitely let us know if you’re by the whale and are picking some of these up today.

Sources: techcrunch

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