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TapJets: The Largest Private Jet Instant Booking Platform, Now Accepts Cryptocurrencies As A Form Of Payment

Written by Adam Webb
When booking a private jet with TapJets, users can now instantly complete their transaction using Ethereum cryptocurrency in addition to traditional credit card and bank wire payments.
TapJets instant booking platform is the only platform in the world where you can book your private jet in less than one minute. With over 12,000 clients accessing the platform to book their flights and bid on Flight Auctions. Not just an estimate, not just a quote, but the actual confirmed booking from the convenience of a smartphone or web-enabled device.
Moreover, unlike most of its competitors, TapJets does not require their customers to pay any membership fees, sign contracts, or purchase jet cards. The revolutionary platform utilizes advanced routing and sourcing technologies to connect private fliers directly with the inventory of available private jets that are positioned perfectly to accept the booked flight.
About TapJets
TapJets is the world’s only true on-demand private jet booking platform. TapJets focuses on the entire user experience of private travel. They begin by offering a simple, easy-to-use app that handles the routing, booking and all the other details. From there, all guests have to do – is show up. You can learn more about TapJets here, and their platform is available through the Apple and Google Play store, as well as on their website.

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