The world’s “first critical thinking gamified math universe” Zap Zap Math is being updated to better help teachers and students this school year.

A featured “Best New App” in the Apple Store,” Zap Zap Math has been downloaded over 1 million times, even before adding over 160 new math topics to align with students’ math curriculum this school year.

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According to Education World, In addition to new topics, the platform also includes “a new and improved user interface for easier navigation with grade selector and slider, curriculum matching for all games, and simplified topic explanation for students’ easy comprehension. It also includes clear mapping of topics to state standards,” said Zap Zap Math in a statement.

Co-founder of the platform John Ng began developing Zap Zap Math to fill a need he saw as a teacher in Singapore, a country praised for its ability to teach students solid math skills.

“”As a former math teacher in Singapore, I could see how students struggled with worksheets that were basically one dimensional. Irrespective of the difficulties they were facing, students were forced to complete them anyway,” he said in the statement.

And so he developed Zap Zap Math, a self-paced program that he says encourages students to pursue learning without being coerced.

“Beyond learning and memorizing topics, Zap Zap Math further develops higher-order thinking as it inculcates critical thinking and problem solving skills, which is often difficult to teach and learn in a usual classroom setting,” Ng said.

As Zap Zap Math continues to grow and become teacher-favorite, Ng said he is open to pursuing additional modern updates in the classroom- such as “making Zap Zap Math a more immersive virtual learning experience for students far and wide.”

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**FREE APP** Zap Zap Math – K6 Math Games is out of this world (really, it has spaceships and aliens!).


According to Smart App For Kids, Zap Zap Math is a mathematics app based on the Common Core curriculum that covers students from kindergarten to grade six with hundreds of fun games to help kids understand and enjoy what they are learning. Even better? By signing up, parents and teachers can get detailed reports on childrens’ progress. This FREE app is available on iOS, Google Play and the Amazon App Store, so what are you waiting for?

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If you would like to download this app, please support Smart Apps for Kids by using these handy links:

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SAFKNOadsNOiapYESelThis app has no ads, no in-app purchases and parent-protected external links to the app store and the developer website.


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Squishably adorable Ellie has recorded a demonstration video for our viewing pleasure. Have a look!


Right now, Zap Zap Math is offering a 50% off premium annual parent membership for only $4.99! That means all grades, detailed report card, over 100 games, offline access and multiple languages. Not ready for the premium plan? The basic plan is free and includes the basic summary sheet, 20 games, offline access and multiple languages.


Heather reviewed this app in June and gave it five stars. She says, “Zap Zap Math is a very solid app with a lot of great math practice. Get kids practicing critical thinking and problem solving in a fun game-centered app. It’s a must-download for elementary school teachers who utilize apps in their classroom, as well as for every parent. How can you lose when it’s completely free?” You can read more of what she had to say by >>CLICKING HERE<<.

From iTunes:

More than just fun K-6 math games for kids, Zap Zap Math is effective! 9 out of 10 teachers and parents say that it helps improve kids’ math skills, as there’s analytics to help them track real learning outcomes. FREE for parents/teachers and children, the gamified platform covers hundreds of math practices matched to school curriculums (Kindergarten to Grade 6).


** Awards & Recognition **
• Over 1 Million Downloads Worldwide by Approving Teachers and Parents
• Topped Rankings such as “Best New App in 10 Countries” and “Best Apps in October 2015”
• 5 Star Educational App Store Certification
• 5 Star Rating Smart Apps For Kids

** Reviews **
• “Both instructional and beautiful.” – TechCrunch
• “It definitely makes learning more about fractions much more fun.” – Tech in Asia
• “Cleverly addictive.” – CNet Japan

Content Coverage: Math Games For All Levels K-6
Curriculum: Common Core State Standards


• Fast paced, fun and interactive math games with high replay value
• Hundreds of games for your child to practice new math topics
• Each math topic is divided into 4 Skills: Training, Accuracy, Speed and Mission
• Games advance as child progresses, training critical thinking, logic and problem solving skills
• Screen time well spent as children can play unattended, anytime, anywhere, as a supplement to class, homework, or tuition.
• Self-paced, adaptive learning helps increase children’s confidence and academic interest
• Teachers and parents can track kids’ individual performance via a connected Analytics Reports Dashboard, identify problem areas and recommend more targeted exercises
• A great tool for overall math health check and to deep dive into areas kids need help in

Zap Zap Math is aligned to common core standards and covers a comprehensive range of math topics delivered in a structured, module-oriented manner, including:
– Addition
– Subtraction
– Fractions
– Ratio
– Multiplication
– Geometry
– Coordinates
– Measurements
– Angles
– Time
– Pre-school Math

Help your child fall in love with math today and build a strong mathematical foundation in life! Parents/Teachers: You can start tracking your students progress by signing up for an account at


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