Editorial Team

Salih Sarıkaya - Digital Sociologist

Founder & Editor in Chief
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[Salih SARIKAYA is a tech and trends journalist who has worked for 9 years for renowned newspaper and websites. He is Digital Sociologist who has made his master’s degree on society and digital. He is the author of two best-seller books and editor of a media review book. You can follow him via Twitter @SalihSarikaya. He is also a social media influencer on Twitter with more than 350K followers. You can contact him via salihsarikaya34(at)gmail.com]

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[Tuğba Kaplan is a 8-year journalist working on social media and digital trends. She has worked for well-known media groups for 7 years as reporter, correspondent and also editor. She has joined us at the beginning of 2016. ]

Kamil Arli

News Editor

[email protected]

[Mia Miller is the News Editor at Digital Review. Before joining she wrote blogs for a software company and articles about tech for Mashable.com.]

Adam Webb

Freelance Trends Editor

[email protected]

[Adam Webb is a senior editor at DigitalReview and was formerly an editor at Mashable. A resident of Houston, Texas, Webb covers digital trends and much more.]

Jeremy Spencer

Tech Journalist

[Jeremy Spencer is tech journalist at Digital Review focusing on mobile and wireless technologies. Before joining he wrote blogs for a mobile company and articles about mobile for tech magazines.]

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