Editorial Team

Salih Sarıkaya - Digital Sociologist

[Salih SARIKAYA is a tech and trends journalist who has worked for 9 years for renowned newspapers and websites. He has been awarded as being ‘one of the 50 best tech influencers of the world‘ in CES 2017. He is Digital Sociologist who has made his master’s degree on society and digital. He is the author of two best-seller books and editor of a media review book. You can follow him via Twitter @SalihSarikaya. He is also a social media influencer on Twitter with more than 550K followers.]

[Tuğba Kaplan is a 8-year journalist working on social media and digital trends. She has worked for well-known media groups for 7 years as reporter, correspondent and also editor. She has joined us at the beginning of 2015. ]

Mehmet Kaplan

Freelance News Editor

[Mehmet Kaplan is a freelance editor at Digital Review. He has 7 years of experience as a journalist. Arli covers social media, digital trends and much more.]

Mia Miller

[Mia Miller is the News Editor at Digital Review. Before joining she wrote blogs for a software company and articles about tech for Mashable.com.]

Adam Webb

Freelance Trends Editor

[Adam Webb is a senior editor at DigitalReview and was formerly an editor at Mashable. A resident of Houston, Texas, Webb covers digital trends and much more.]

Jeremy Spencer

Tech Journalist

[Jeremy Spencer is tech journalist at Digital Review focusing on mobile and wireless technologies. Before joining he wrote blogs for a mobile company and articles about mobile for tech magazines.]

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