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Tesla won’t give Model 3 A 100kWh battery, Musk confirmed

Written by Kamil Arli

Tesla’s Model 3 will not come in a 100 kWh version, CEO Elon Musk has confirmed. Previously, there were strong speculations that Tesla’s upcoming electric cars will have the larger batteries.

Elon Musk himself confirmed the news through Twitter. The production of the Tesla Model 3 is said to begin towards the end of this year. However, the company has not yet divulged much information on the Model 3’s specifications.

Until now all information that has been gleaned is from the Twitter updates posted by Musk himself. He has now shared on Twitter that the wheelbase of Tesla Model 3 cannot fit the 100 kWh batteries.

With the Tesla Model S and Model X, the company expanded the battery base from 60 kWh to 100 kWh in August 2016. The 60 kWh gives a mileage of about 218 miles of EPA ranges and 100 kWh batteries stretches the mileage to 315 miles.

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Why Not A 100 kWh Battery For Model 3?

When quizzed whether fans could expect a Model 3 loaded with 100 kWh batteries, Musk replied that it would not be feasible. This is because the wheelbase for the Model 3, which is cheaper than Model S, is much smaller in size and will not be able to house such a huge battery. Musk is yet to mention the battery size that would be put in the upcoming Model 3.

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Even if the Model 3 arrives with a smaller battery, the car’s compact dimension and light curb weight will make the vehicle clock more miles compared to the other Tesla car models. The total range of the car depends on several factors other than just the battery size. With factors like aerodynamics and how the car is driven taken in, the total range of the vehicle can vary.

The battery is a huge limiting factor in case of electric vehicles

Musk also mentioned upcoming Tesla vehicles other than the Model 3.

“Semi necessarily and pickup maybe will go above [100 kWh]” noted Musk.

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According to Musk the battery is a huge limiting factor in case of electric vehicles. During the launch of P100D Tesla models, the CEO had pointed out that an increase in the battery capacity is not a linear concept. He was confident that the company would come up with battery improvements soon.

A rumor that has been hovering is that Tesla has already taken 400,000 reservations for its upcoming Model 3. However, his association with President Trump is believed to have impacted the orders and it was reported that people even canceled reservations.

Fans will have wait until the final launch of the Model 3 to see what battery size is housed within the vehicle.

Source: TechTimes

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