How can you use social media marketing tools? The ways of making easier your life with social media marketing tools.

Social media marketing tools can make your life easier… or more complicated if you get bogged down with trying too many tools or thinking you need to use them all.

the using of social media marketing tools

After experimenting with a new social media marketing tool, ask yourself if it performs better than a similar tool you’re already using. If one of your current tools can be replaced with a new one that’s better, then go for it without anxiety – there’s no need to hold onto a tool that no longer serves you.

It’s also important to regularly try out new social media marketing apps, because you may find one that saves you more time or money.

Here are three social media marketing tools that are worth taking a look at.

1. Socedo

3 Social Media Marketing Tools You Should Try | Social Media TodaySocedo is a B2B social media lead generation tool. You’ve probably heard of lead generation tools, but this one focuses on deriving leads from social networks. Socedo helps you discover, engage, and qualify potential customers on social media. This saves you a lot of time while increasing the number of leads in your funnel – and more leads in your funnel results in increased revenue if you have a good conversion process in place.

You can program Socedo to find leads on social media that match your buyer persona, so you don’t have to worry about targeting the wrong people. Socedo also checks if they’ve shown an interest in your niche to send the most relevant leads your way.

2. Edgar

3 Social Media Marketing Tools You Should Try | Social Media TodayIf you follow any influencers in your industry, you’ve probably noticed that they repost older content multiple times. There’s good reason for this – reposting your content several times – or even 50 times over the course of a year – enables you to get the most out of your work. New people have followed you in the week since you made that particular post, and the odds are they haven’t seen it yet. By posting it again, your new followers have the chance to see the content.

What does this have to do with Edgar? Edgar’s a social media marketing tool that automates the process of re-sharing your previous social posts. What makes Edgar such a good tool is it analyzes the best times to repost the content too, so you don’t have to figure it out yourself. After resubmitting an old post, Edgar sends the content back to the bottom of the queue where it waits for the perfect time to post again. Edgar is a very convenient tool that saves you time on social media.

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