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This short video from his podcast Star Talk Neil deGrasse Tyson touches on a couple points about social media which we have discussed before but with some interesting twists concerning a person’s social media account and what they choose to share with the world.

The first discussion point centers on the generational change in culture in how much we believe in privacy and choose to share publicly over the Internet. While many older Internet users may be going through Techno-Panic at the level of transparency social media encourages in a user’s life, the younger generation has simply accepted it all in stride as the new status quo.

What’s interesting here is the discussion isn’t framed specifically around issues arising from oversharing online but also flips the argument by discussing tolerance towards the changing culture arguing that your problem with someone else’s overshare on social media isn’t their problem. It’s yours. Given the veracity of Internet rancor, public shaming, and trolls I’m not sure I agree with the prediction that eventually we’ll become more tolerant of each others social media blemishes and snafus, but it’s certainly a nice thought.

The second point, in an interview with Arianna Huffington, discusses the mirage of a person’s self-created social media persona that is by its very nature a manufactured identity of its own that is an exaggeration of the person underneath to better promote them as a brand. While a well-crafted and maintained social media front for either a business or individual is crucial in the age in which we now live it is important to remember that, as Huffington quotes:

“There is no human being who is as happy as an Instagram. No human being is as upset, outraged, and miserable as on Twitter. And nobody who is as employable as on LinkedIn.”



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