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Tim Cook hinted the company has “exciting things are in the pipeline”

Written by Kamil Arli

Accoring to the,  APPLE CEO Tim Cook hinted the company has “exciting things are in the pipeline” this week, as rumours around the iPhone 8 continue to grow.

 iPhone 8 looks set to be the most exciting Apple smartphone in a long time.

Apple is expected to pull-out all the stops for the next generation phone, which will mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone when it purportedly launches in September 2017.THE APPLE IPHONE 8 WHICH SOME SOURCES BELIEVE WILL BE MARKETED AS THE IPHONE X

The Apple iPhone 8, which some sources believe will be marketed as the iPhone X, is rumoured to ship with a dual-curved OLED display, all-glass design, improved dual-camera set-up, and no physical Home Button – a first for the device.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook is clearly in no rush to extinguish the growing hype around the forthcoming 10th anniversary iPhone.

During the company’s quarterly earnings call this week, Mr Cook fuelled speculation about Apple’s product roadmap for the next year.

“I think the smartphone is still in the early innings of the game,” the 56-year-old Apple CEO told investors during the earnings call.

“I think there’s lots more to do. Every year, I think it becomes more important to people’s lives, there’s more things people are doing with it.”

CEO Tim Cook also highlighted home automation, offering a rare glimpse into his private life to demonstrate the potential of the feature.“Now, when I say ‘Good Morning’ to Siri, my house lights come on and my coffee starts brewing. When I go to the living room to relax in the evening, I use Siri to adjust the lighting and turn on the fireplace,” he revealed.

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“And when I leave the house, a simple tap of my iPhone turns the lights off, adjusts the thermostat down, and locks the doors.“When I return to my house in the evening as I’m near my home, the house prepares itself for my arrival automatically by using a simple geofence.”

When pushed on what the next iPhone could offer customers – besides a simple form-factor refresh – the Apple CEO reiterated the draw of this feature, amongst a number of other features, like CarPlay.

Mr Cook said, “I talked about home automation, but I could have talked about Health or CarPlay. Enterprise use is growing. When I look at all of these things, we’ve got exciting things in the pipeline and I feel really good about it.”

Mr Cook is clearly keen to emphasis the power of Siri, following the slew of reports that Apple’s closet rival, Samsung, is set to unveil its own virtual assistant ahead of the launch of its next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8.

According to the latest reports, the Samsung smart assistant, dubbed Bixby, will boast a number of AI features currently unavailable on rival Siri, including the ability to identify real-world objects with the phone’s camera.Once it has identified whatever you’re pointing at, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be able to direct you to online retailers where you can buy the item.

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