Twitter is giving Direct Messages a big boost today… or an annoying feature, depending who you ask.

New! Direct Messages are more dynamic than ever with read receipts, typing indicators, and web link previews.

 Twitter adds read receipts, rich previews and more to Direct MessagesMainly, Direct Messages can now show read receipts on your messages. While I’m a fan of read receipts – it’s 2016, after all – some users would rather not be accountable for having read a message and not yet responded.

According to The Next Web, But Twitter is trying to position DMs as a full fledged messenger. It’s adding typing indicators and rich link previews today too, and it’s hard to imagine a modern messenger without read receipts.

On the other hand, its use might be a bit more questionable here, given Twitter’s highly public nature; I’m okay with my friends and family knowing if I’ve read a message, but might not be so cool with the random people who pitch stories at me knowing the same.

Update: Thankfully, you can disable them if you want:


In other news, Periscope is getting a small feature update too. You can now see when someone you follow joins your broadcast:

So now you can feel all warm and fuzzy inside next time a celebrity joins your Periscope feed.


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