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Ulysses is a popular writing app aimed at people who regularly write, like poets, journalists, novelists, or academics. Up until now it was only available on desktop or iPad but the company has just released its iPhone version as well.

Its clean, text-centric interface and organizational system make it appealing and functional. Using a sidebar, users can see all of their files in one place and organize them by groups and filters.

Ulysses is essentially a plain text editor with more functionality than most others. Its suite of organizational tools make writing on the go – whether it’s an essay or a one liner – seamless.

Some of the app’s net features include two different writing modes – dark and light – and the ability to set writing goals for yourself. You can also add links, photos, footnotes, annotations and code to your work, as well as formatting sheets and groups.

And if you’re not feeling the app’s theme, you can customize its color palette.

Everything you write on the app can be easily exported as DOCX, PDF, ebooks or to Medium.

The app for iOS will set you back $19.99 and that gets you iPhone and iPad access. If you already have Ulysses on your iPad then you can download it now to your phone for free.

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